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Professional Indemnity Insurance – also known as PI Insurance, should be considered for all businesses and services offering professional advice as a service; these include traditional professions such as architects, engineers, insurance brokers, solicitors, independent financial advisers, accountants, computer consultants and any company giving design or advice as part of their services.

Without professional indemnity insurance companies can be exposed to financially crippling claims by unhappy or dissatisfied clients. With the nature of today’s business expectations increasing even the most respectable companies can find themselves in a dispute with clients. Professional Indemnity insurance covers your business against these increasing risks.

There are two categories of businesses that obtain Professional Indemnity Insurance – involuntary and voluntary. The involuntary are those companies required by law to purchase PI insurance such as:

  • Accountants
  • Financial Advisors
  • Environmental & Asbestos Consultants
  • Building Surveyors

Even if your company is 100% confident that no errors, mistakes or negligent acts are made a Professional Indemnity claim can be raised against your company and from this you will incur legal costs defending this claim and your businesses reputation. We can offer exclusive arrangements with superbly rated markets and access to all the insurance markets necessary to ensure that our clients are receiving and can access the very best insurance products and services.

If you would like us to obtain a quotation for your consideration please complete the “Request a Quote” form or alternatively contact us by email or telephone in order that an appointment can be made to discuss your particular requirements.